The Picnic

Sydney Hill, Staff Writer

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Today, we had a picnic. As I sat in the grass blowing bubbles and eating sandwiches with my friends, I forgot my phone was tucked away in my pocket. It didn’t matter what photo I was going post from today. It mattered that I was with my friends—not just in the group chat. While I enjoyed my cliché picnic (complete with finding shapes in the clouds and eating food from a woven basket), I appreciated spending time with friends which, sadly, is not a cliché activity anymore. It’s much more common to send memes and screenshots to the group chat. Once we leave our houses, put our phones down, and see each other, we can realize that some of the best parts of our friends’ personalities can be hidden when they’re behind a screen. We miss the contagious laugh from one friend, that overdrawn eye roll saved strictly for conversations about parents, and the brief eye contact you make with someone when you both remember an inside joke. Don’t live through the group chat. Hang out outside of Google. This isn’t a new generation of kids who don’t ever need to see each other. I know because today, we had a picnic.