SJHS English students travel abroad in 2019

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SJHS English students travel abroad in 2019

Sydney Hill, Staff Writer

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As high school students get older, the desire to travel seems more common. Countless aesthetic Instagram pages and detailed Pinterest boards followed by high school students show the appeal of meeting new people and discovering natural wonders around the world. In 2019, English students are being offered the opportunity to travel to Europe. About 18 students will fly into Shannon, Ireland and spend nine days traveling to different cities in Wales and England, learning about literature, history, and culture.

The trip includes time in Ireland, Wales, and England, starting with two days in Killarney, Ireland. Here, the group will tour several villages on the Ring of Kerry. After that, they’ll stay in Blarney and visit the Blarney Castle. Next, they’ll spend two days in Dublin where they’ll visit the Irish Writers’ Museum, which features many famous writers such as Jonathan Swift, C.S. Lewis, and William Blake. Then, they’ll also visit Wales, Stratford-Upon-Avon, and London for two days.

Traveling in a group helps lower prices for everyone. The trip costs each student a total of $3,628, and there are different payment options available. This travel opportunity will go to 18 students on a first come, first serve basis. To join the trip, students can visit Mrs. Tracy Becker, the English teacher who is leading the trip, for more information and where to sign up. There is also a possibility that students will be able to receive high school or college credit from the trip.

Many people fear that group trips like this can take away some of the perks of traveling and connecting with the culture. However, this trip doesn’t seem to have that problem. The tour leader will be a local, and she will connect the group with other locals as they travel through the towns. Students will still walk on the bustling streets of Ireland and see the small but lively cafes of London.

“It’s a good mixture of literature and just cultural education,” Mrs. Becker said. “As a literature teacher, I am excited to go see the places we talk about and to be in the country that we spend an entire year studying.”

Mrs. Becker is no stranger to travel. In high school, she spent two weeks studying abroad in England. From there, she was inspired to travel to Central America. In college, she lived in Europe for half a year and moved to Germany for one year after college. These experiences have made Mrs. Becker a big advocate of travel and culture.

“It’s important for us to gain a global perspective outside of St. Joe and see other cultures,” she said. “My hope is that they walk away with a deeper appreciation for what we are trying to teach them here at St. Joe High School and a deeper appreciation for our world and literature.”