Homecoming week summary

Nadia Judge, Staff Writer

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During the week of October 2nd to October 6th, the SJHS hallways were filled with school spirit for Homecoming week.  Students and staff all participated in the week  to hype up the football game against Niles on Friday the 6th.

On Monday, the theme was  pajama day. “I enjoyed pajama day because I got to dress as Eeyore and I was very comfortable.” said Zhane Arthur, 12.   

Tuesday was tourist day, and student and teachers both geared up in their Hawaiian shirts and Mickey Mouse hats.  “Mr. Meisse definitely had the hit outfit today,” said Patrick Sohn, who decked out in a Hawaiian shirt for the day.                                  

On Wednesday, friends and siblings dressed in the same outfits for twin day.  The whole English department participated, all wearing black shirts and blue jeans.

Thursday was Jersey day.  “I definitely enjoyed Jersey Thursday the most because I got to wear my Space Jam jersey,” said Lane Everett, junior.

Friday, the day of the homecoming game and pep-assembly, students and staff decked out in tye-dye in honor of cancer awareness. “Friday was really cool because everyone was wearing tie dye and we all came together for the pep assembly in the afternoon. It was definitely the best pep assembly we’ve had,” said Cailey Rooker, junior.   

Afterwards the marching band led the student body to the competition gym. The cheerleaders started off the pep assembly with a routine to Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do.”  Then, student senate president, Alyssa Adams, called students down from each grade to play musical chairs, pass the apple, and lightning.  “It was one of the best experiences of my life,” said Lucas Winans, a junior, when asked about his Lightning win. “I felt really good when the whole school was cheering for me,” he said. Mr. Etter and Senora Shepherd were named the teacher homecoming king and queen, and Ryan Haynes was named homecoming king.

Under the Friday night lights, Breonna Tate won the title of homecoming queen and the bears defeated Niles 47-0.  At the homecoming dance on Saturday night, 250 students attended in their best semi formal wear. The fieldhouse gym was decorated with string lanterns and disco lights.  Ally Blomgren was the deejay.  “I really like the idea of a semi formal homecoming dance because it’s inclusive and not too expensive,” said Megan Corbe, a junior Student Senate representative. “Although this is the first year that we’ve had a semiformal dance on a Saturday, it was definitely a success,” said Megan.