Miss Joseph Pageant 2017

Madelina Machado, Sports Editor

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On November 18, 2017, at seven p.m., 12 girls stood upon Saint Joseph High School’s auditorium stage in hopes to take home the crown. Along with the 12 female contestants, stood five young men.

As the night began, the audience was welcomed by and introduced to Libby Fernau, the former reigning queen of Saint Joseph. Before starting the opening act, Samantha Randall, former 2nd runner-up to Miss Stevensville of 2013, sang the National Anthem.

With the momentum of music filling the air, Beyonce’s Run the World, began to play and out came the 12 contestants. Through swift movements and elegant turns, each contender wowed the judges.Wearing casual black dresses, each  expressed their individual personalities. Following the opening dance, the 2017 court, Libby Fernau, Julia Service, Rosie Wuerfel, Emma Shaffer, Ben Johanski and Nik Case, proceeded with their dance.

The ratio of 12 girls to five boys may have put the young men in the minority, but their “Sports Wear Attire” presentation surely drew laughs and smiles to the crowd. From football pads to track attire, the men modeled their athletic outfits. All of this happened while LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know It” played in the back.

Through the laughs of the audience and the charisma of the Mistress of Ceremony, Lanie Lu Von Behren, it was time for the formal presentation of the 12 female contestants. Filled with glitter, bright colors and large smiles, each contestant stood beautifully in their finest formal wear. Accompanied by one of the four male contenders, each young woman was individually presented to the judges.

As the 2017 St. Joseph court bid their farewells to the Miss Saint Joseph Committee, the judges eliminated seven individuals. The top five females would then draw a question from a basket and answer them to the best of their abilities.

Finally all four of the male contenders came to stage, and were accompanied by the former Mr. Saint Joseph’s, Case and Johanski. Caleb McIntosh and Daniel Okonski were then crowned as the new 2018 Mr. Saint Joseph’s.

After two hours of pageant time, it was time to name the new Miss Saint Joseph. Miss Congeniality went to Allison Koehler, who was crowned by Julia Service. Coming in as Second Runner-up, Camryn Lane would be crowned by Shaffer. Shaffer also crowned Alyssa Main as Miss Entrepreneur. First Runner-up went to Alyssa Adams who was crowned by Wuerfel. Last but not least, Kendall Sheskey was titled the new Miss Saint Joseph by Fernau.

“I never thought I would be in this spot or this position. I am really excited and I’m really looking forward to compete in blossomtime and all of the community service that I am about to do.” Sheskey said. Prior to the event, Sheskey had never participated in a pageant. For the next year, all of these contestants represent our community and provide St. Joseph with their service.