Road to the Oscars: Let’s predict the nominees

Kaila Nichols, News Editor

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It’s that time of the year again. Actors, directors and the year’s biggest films will walk the red carpet of shows such as the SAG Awards, Golden Globes, Emmys and Academy Awards. This year’s roundup includes indies and some surprise hits, making a variety of films in the race to receive a trophy or recognition.

Awards Season officially starts in November and concludes after the Academy Awards in February. So far, we have seen large box office successes like Dunkirk, Wonder Woman, and Get Out surpass expectations. Along with these, are the indie and Netflix films that also gained praise from critics such as Lady Bird, Mudbound, First they Killed My Father, and The Big Sick.  In comparison to last years nominees, this year offers a wide variety of genres to be nominated.  

Lady Bird, starring Saoirse Ronan follows a mother who tries to keep her family afloat after her husband loses his job while keeping a close relationship with her opinionated teenage daughter. Although the film hasn’t reached the amount of popularity that Wonder Woman or Get Out have, it has received a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The two Netflix releases Mudbound and First They Killed My Father are both high contenders for possible nominations this season in the documentary, best picture, and acting categories. Mudbound is adapted from the novel of the same name starring Jason Mitchell (Straight Outta Compton) and singer Mary J. Blige, who plays Florence Jackson, a woman who tries to raise her family on her husband’s farm. Meanwhile, her son begins to battle racism of the Jim Crow South. Blige is one of the top contenders for the Best Actress category and has gotten a lot of praise for her transition into acting.

First They Killed My Father is directed by Angelina Jolie. So far, Netflix hasn’t been completely awarded by the Academy for its work. However, it has managed to win a best documentary win for The White Helmets. But with the help of Angelina Jolie, an Oscar winner, member of the Academy, and popular voice within the film community, Netflix could surely win the Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

Another film getting buzz is the biography The Post, starring Oscar winning actors Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. The film was directed by Oscar winning director Steven Spielberg. Streep and Hanks play two editors at the Washington Post trying to uncover decade long secrets from the United States government. The film is made up of well known actors and actresses putting it on the path of possibly getting nominated for Best Cast at the SAG Awards.

Besides the films themselves, some performances by Jessica Chastain, Emma Stone, Margot Robbie are also getting attention. Specifically, breakout star Tiffany Haddish of the summer flick Girl’s Trip, has gotten people talking. Actors are not always nominated for their work in comedy, but in 2012, Melissa McCarthy was nominated for an Academy Award and BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Bridesmaids.

Even with the tight competition in this year’s contenders, hopefully this will be an exciting year to see which films and actors are celebrated. If you’re interested in seeing how they unfold, tune into the Golden Globes on January 7, the SAG Awards on January 21 and finally the Academy Awards on February 26.