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Milo 2020

Andrew Quiñones, Staff Writer

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Everyone wants to be president, right? President Trump, someone with no background in politics, has opened up the way for almost anyone with the financial resources and press. And to be frank, everyone includes quite a few people: Former Vice President Joe Biden, Oprah, and Michele Obama, to name a few.

And then…  there’s Mr. Milo Yiannopoulos, who in a rare sequence of events, has declared his presidential run for the office of President in 2020.

For those who aren’t familiar with Mr. Yiannopoulos, he is a former editor at Breitbart news, and has since become a controversial political celebrity, known for his often outrageous conservative views and habit of trolling feminists. Mr. Yiannopoulos was fired from Breitbart after a statement that was seen as encouraging pedophilia, and has since gained nearly as many conservative critics as liberal ones.

One such example is Mr. Ben Shapiro, now editor of the Daily Wire and political speaker (who, coincidentally, worked alongside Milo as an edior at Breitbart before resigning), who was so outraged at this political development that he chose to run on the democratic ballot (opposing Mr. Yiannopoulos). In doing so, he has suprisingly knocked Mrs. Hillary Clinton off her third try for President. He, however, wasn’t the only one who saw issues with Mr. Yiannopoulos running for President.

It has been likewise noted that many people are outraged at an Englishman running for President, claiming that the Constitution only allows for a native born American to run for the office of President. However, when asked about this, GOP lawmakes, who happen to somehow have sway over the election process, said, “Well, Obama ran twice, and we beleive that Britain is just as important as Kenya…. so Mr. Yiannopoulos will be allowed to run at least once.”

He was instantly condemned alongside Mr. Yiannopoulos for racism by unjudging college students via twitter.

“I seriously think America needs a couple changes,” said Mr. Yiannopoulos in an interview. “I think…. I think that it needs a president who’s outside the political norm that leftist society has created… like a dangerous gay catholic internet supervillain such as myself.”

He continued to speak about several issues in his native British drawl, interlaced with enough profanity that most of the interview can’t be transcribed while still adequately conveying his thoughts. Mr. Yianoppolous has said that he would support conservative values, but didn’t reveal much about his policy directives (since the next election is still several years ahead of us), so all are left wondering: what would this dangerous gay catholic internet supervillain do as President?

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