Sadiq wants yours knives

Griffin Nowell, Staff Writer

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In the past 3 months the London murder rate has spiked higher than the rate in New York for the same timespan (BBC News). So much so that the mayor, Sadiq Khan, of London is advocating for the banning of knives, the main weapon used in this murder spike. This shouldn’t be the case considering guns are more available in New York which is a much more deadly weapon. This shouldn’t come as a suprise as in the US as we have the second amendment which protects our right to bear arms. While these gun laws have stopped guns violence they haven’t stopped viollent crime and actually lately it has increased greater than that of a city where guns are allowed.

The mayor has been active on his twitter talking about the spike in violent crime in the UK. “Today’s @ONS crime stats confirm violent crime is rising nationally. It’s crucial that local, regional and national government work together to tackle it” tweeted the mayor. “Looking forward to getting to work on this at the first meeting of the Government’s Serious Violence Taskforce this afternoon” The mayor also tweeted this on April 26, 2018. Even he admits to a rise of violence in his country, one without civillian gun ownership.

Over the past few months there has been a  call for stricter gun control due to recent mass shootings. However the most deadly terror attack since 9/11 was commited with a truck, in France a place with very strict gun laws. The main reason people in our own country are calling for stricter gun control is to make our country safer. Yet, as seen with recent truck attacks in Canada, France, and England we see that these laws do not stop violent attacks, they do just the opposite. All they do is rob people of their means of self defense.

When countries do employ these gun control laws the only violence it stops is gun violence it does not end or dent viloent crime as a whole. According to a Gallup poll the violent crime rate is lower in the US than in Britain.  Actually, gun related homicides have been on the decline in the United States while ownership of guns has stayed relatively the same. Which could lead one to the conclusion that the amount of guns we have is not effecting our violent crime. This is also supported by the violent crime we are seeing in countries where guns are not readily available. Why push for these laws when they have done nothing to stop violence in other countries? What happens if the mayor succeeds in banning knives and people start killing each other with their bare hands. Will he try to ban hands? It’s a slippery slope. First they say it will only be assault rifles, then they say semi-automatic hand guns have to go. Then when the violence just won’t go away, they will take the rest of the guns. Then, you end up in the Mayor of London’s position where you start seriously considering banning eating utensils.

It’s time that people realize that there will always be people who wish do harm and will do so whether or not they have a gun. In the United States gun violence and gun homicides are declining, while gun ownership is on the rise. Even during the Untied States assault weapons ban, our first mass shooting took place at Columbine High School in Colorado. This shooting was commited with weapons that were supposed to be illegal. We have developed an obsession with the idea that if we simply remove weapons humans will stop being violent. The sad truth is that humans will be violent and hurt each other no matter the medium. It is our right as humans to have access to the best means to protect ourselves and those we love. Humans, if provided with ample motiviation will find a way to hurt people. This is why the right to self defense, with the best tools available, must always be protected.