A Highschooler’s Unending Appetite

Norah Judge, Staff Writer

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No matter how much I eat for breakfast, I still find myself in the back of my second-hour daydreaming about the cocoa puffs granola bars from the library. I’m an avid snacker, rarely missing my five meal a day routine, so naturally, being told I can’t eat in class seems like the highest offense.  


Students have access to fifty cent snacks in the library to carry them to lunch. However, while the St. Joseph High School Student Handbook doesn’t specifically state that students can’t eat in class, it does discourage it. Ultimately, it’s left up to the individual teacher whether or not snacks are allowed. Some, like Mr. Jeff Luckritz and Mrs. Zoey Britton, completely allow snacking. In fact, Mr. Luckritz’s fourth-hour class has a schedule of who brings in snacks for the class each day. Others, like Ms. Christine Greissinger have strict no food policies. She believes that students can eat snacks in between classes.


While it’s understandable that some teachers would be weary of the mess that snacks can make, research suggests that snacks may help students’ academic performance. According to, adolescents need a constant flow of nutrients, which snacks can provide. It stresses, however, that these snacks are nutritious. Two snacks a day are recommended for students by


Some students have no problem refraining from eating in class, but for others, snack is a daily routine. Joey Finnigan, 10, eats almost every day in his third or fourth hours. “I can think better on a full stomach,” Joey said, explaining why he believes it benefits him academically.


Because of students’ busy schedules, often containing rushed mornings, extracurriculars, and sports, snacks are important for their health. Luckily, even if one class doesn’t allow eating, the next class might. That being said, it’s still quite frustrating that some teachers become angered when teens are just trying to satisfy their inconsistent appetites.

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  1. Teddy Stanson on March 26th, 2019 11:24 am

    I completely agree with this article. These rules often make me feel weird or uncomfortable about eating snacks in class. Also, I’m Sans from undertale.

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A Highschooler’s Unending Appetite