The Perks of Scarves

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The Perks of Scarves

Lisa Lehner, Staff Writer

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Not only is the scarf fashion gold, but there are also so many different ways to rock this neckerchief. Most people don’t take advantage of the scarf beyond one of the primary uses— around the neck. However, there are various other ways to not only wear a this article of clothing, but also to use for other purposes.


First of all, there are different types of scarves that have different purposes. For example, the infinity scarf goes around the neck, but the regular scarf has multiple ways of tying it around the neck. Such as the The Waterfall, a way that isn’t commonly seen. Besides the waterfall, the blanket scarf can be used a a shawl, creating a layer of warmth along with being stylish. Also included are The Cowl Neck, The Pretzel, and The Simple Loop.


“I think it can dress up a pretty plain outfit,” Ms. Jennifer Morales, English teacher, said. Ms. Morales enjoys wearing scarves, even during the summer. They can nicely round out an outfit, whether it’s adding a pop of color or wearing one to complement the rest of your outfit. And while having a nifty outfit is important, there are other things worn every day that could use some color.


After breaking an arm, you’re given a cast. Which is of your choice of color and a sling— which is usually given in a standard light blue. Now, imagine if you could change that hospital light blue into a bright green and yellow patterned sling. Well, with a scarf, it’s possible. By tying the ends of your scarf together and placing it diagonally across your body, it can be used as an arm sling. And not only can the scarf be used for a sling, but it can also be tied around an aching knee or arm. Tying the scarf around your knee tightly will increase the pressure and ultimately help with the pain.


“They [scarves] can look really cute when you wear them with the correct outfit,” Ketaki Gaikwad, 12, said. Personally, I love their ability to be unique but similar at the same time. But the uniqueness sometimes gets out of control. While wearing crazy-colored scarves might work for some outfits, people must be careful not to go overboard. But, when the scarf is worn in a creative and fashionable way, it can make an outfit go from bland to lively.


Whether you make or break your scarfed-out outfit, trying the various styles is a fun way to show a creative side. It also could keep you from getting hypothermia in the winter months and hold your car keys and receipts from buying scarves. So, try out one different way of wearing a scarf, and you might just be surprised by how much you like it.v

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The Perks of Scarves