Extraordinary Gen-Zers

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Extraordinary Gen-Zers

Sydney Hill, Staff Writer

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Art for Africa features SJHS students

Art for Africa is holding a benefit concert on July 14 in SJHS’s auditorium at 7:15 pm. It will raise money for clean water in Africa through admissions and an art auction at intermission.

“Art for Africa is a program initiative that involves the performing arts and creative arts and visual arts to raise money to put in water projects,” Leah Terry, sophomore and  creator of the organization, said. Leah started Art for Africa in 2013. Since then, she’s held multiple events to get her community involved in raising money. She held two art sales after receiving a grant in sixth grade and raised about $2,000 in one weekend.

Art will be sold during the show’s intermission, but its main focus performing arts. Leah estimates that there will be about 20 acts in the show.

“This is a great event for those that are interested in the arts and those that are in the community and would like to come and not only see a bunch of our youth of the community, but also see some amazing acts,” she said. “They’ll also learn about the water crisis and learn that they can make a difference while enjoying the arts.”

Leah learned she could make a difference very early.

“It’s what I think my passion, my calling is to do. My life is to help others through this because I’m so passionate about the water crisis, and I’m so passionate about the arts which I’ve been involved in since I was three,” she said.

In 2013, a trip to Zambia rewarded her with a new perspective of the water crisis. “When I met the people that water affected and how water was their life and had changed their life, it just blew me away. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I want to continue to help others,” she said.

This concert will be an opportunity for anybody to help others. “It can engage our entire community by coming and buying art and seeing acts,” Leah said.

Leah was inspired to start Art for Africa in fourth grade. Julie Jarvie, her teacher at the time, has guided her through the process of starting this organization.

“She’s been my mentor throughout the entire thing,” Leah said.

Ms. Jarvie has not stopped believing in Leah. “I applaud her passionate efforts which have promoted lasting positive changes in the world.  One person CAN make a difference and Leah Terry is a fine example of that,” she said. “I am so very proud of her, and will continue to support her in her quest to make a difference.”