Summoning spirits 101: a guide to the undead

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Summoning spirits 101: a guide to the undead

Kiersten Olson, Staff Writer

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With Halloween right around the corner—and many highschoolers who think they’re too old to trick-or-treat—you may be wondering how to get into the spooky season. A few basic ideas may come to mind: pumpkin carving, apple picking, and the haunted house. But what about something fun, something new, something scary: a seance?

A seance is a meeting in which a group tries to make contact with a spirit. These meetings commonly take place through a medium (a practitioner who specializes in receiving messages from the dead) but can easily be replicated at home through means like a ouija board.

Ultimately, there is no concrete science behind ghosts (which means there is no definitive way to contact them), but there are three basic steps you can follow if you wish to connect with the dead.


Part #1: Set the tone

In order for a shot at a successful connection with the afterlife, you need a good setting. Make sure your company is helpful to your seance: try to invite people who also believe in spirits and avoid those who will take it as a joke. Additionally, try to be in a spirit-friendly environment.  Turn off/put away your cell phones and set up the seance in a quiet, dimly lit room for best results


Part #2: Be prepared

When hosting a seance, you must be sure to have the necessary supplies. Two must-have items are a round table and candles. Some others you may want to include could be incense (specifically lemongrass, frankincense, or cinnamon), photos/relics of a specific spirit you wish to make contact with, and a “spirit board” or pendulum.


Part #3: Make contact

Make sure the purpose of your seance is clear with everyone involved. If you have a goal when going in and have everybody focus on that specific purpose, you’ll have better results. When you’re ready to begin, have the group close their eyes and hold hands. Then have whoever is acting as the medium recite an incantation (there are plenty you can look up). If you begin to feel a presence from the spirit, start asking it questions. You may continue the seance as long as the spirit is continuing to ask questions. When you’re done, close off the seance by thanking the spirits and participants, then blowing out the candles.

Now that you know how to speak to spirits beyond the grave, you’re ready for the spookiest, scariest October you’ve ever experienced. So bust out those candles and have a happy Halloween!