SJHS’s youtubers

Maddy Cleveland, Staff Writer

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Youtube is arguably the most popular video and entertainment service for teens. Of St. Joseph High School students surveyed, 60 percent of students say they have uploaded at least one video on Youtube. A recent survey, The Piper Jaffray Fall 2019 Survey, came out with information showing that YouTube beats Netflix, Cable TV, Hulu, and Amazon Prime when it comes to teen daily video consumption. Over 65% of SJHS students surveyed watch Youtube daily, and according to Tubics, there are over 31 million Youtube channels worldwide and 500 hours of videos uploaded every 60 seconds. Because of the increasing popularity of this video-sharing platform, it’s difficult for people to find their voices, and their big hit.


Luke Ring, 10, is an aspiring Youtuber at St. Joseph High School. Although he hasn’t yet gained fame like David Dobrik or Emma Chamberlain, he is determined to grow and build up his channel.


 “It’s hard, but if you have more people around you, you can grow a lot faster”, he says.


When asked if having his own Youtube channel has drawbacks, he said, “Yes. Everyone sees what you do online.” His videos consist of filming vlogs with his friends and teammates and reaction videos. 


“Quality and producing original content is everything for making a successful channel and gaining a loyal following on YouTube,” Ring said. In 6-12 months, Luke wants to see his channel be composed of higher quality content and more consistent videos. 


Although he wants to expand his channel, he understands that his top priority is to stay true to himself and his channel.


 “It’s important to not suddenly change or stop doing what you’re doing if the videos don’t get a certain number of views. Reaching a certain number is never good and from what I’ve learned, the quality of your content dips drastically if that’s what you’re aiming for.”