Ahmeir Kyle aces the state final

Anthony Strickler, Staff Writer

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Ahmeir Kyle came into high school as a freshman who wanted to play both varsity tennis and track. The only problem with that plan is that track and girls tennis are during the spring.  Ahmeir decided to put herself out there and try-out for the boys tennis team in order to play the two sports she loves.  Ahmeir didn’t just make the team, she took her talents all the way to the State finals.  While she didn’t win freshman year, Ahmeir will go on to do great things in high school tennis.

After placing second in the finals in tennis, Ahmeir finished her freshman year running track.  For the next two years however, Ahmeir was not part of the tennis team, because her sophomore year she opted to attend an online school, and, during her junior year, she wanted to focus on track.

During her time away, Ahmeir stays fit year-round for tennis and plays in USTA (United States Tennis Association).  While competing in the USTA Midwest Level 2 tournament, Ahmeir made a fantastic run and came away with a first place finish in July.  

Currently, Ahmeir is ranked among not only the best in the state, coming in at number three; she is also ranked as the 98th best player in the entire nation, according to http://www.tennisrecruiting.net.  

After a summer of success, Ahmeir brought her talents back to SJHS and the boys tennis team for the fall season.

“She’s an exceptional talent, an exceptional competitor and a very composed player,” said Mr. Pat Hoffmann, the tennis coach at SJHS.  

Ahmeir not only elects to play with the boys because of her conflict with track, she also prefers playing against boys.

“It made me step out of my comfort zone and then as a player, guys are typically harder to play against so it helps me mentally…I just prefer beating boys,” said Ahmeir. 

While Ahmeir’s high school tennis career may have come to end, she plans on taking her talents to the next level by continuing to play in college. Her top three schools are Xavier, Louisville, and West Virginia.