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21st Century Literature Blogs

Ben Baptist

Ben Baptist

Ben Baptist

Erica Heathcote

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In the 21st Century Literature and Writing classes, students have created personal blogs that include narratives, opinions, and advice from their everyday lives. Each blog is vastly different in both topic and style . The blog acts as a way for students to write about something that interests them in an online setting–more formal than social media but not a full length research paper. The blogs that follow are a selection from Mrs. Becker’s 12th grade students:


Ben Baptist

The Disgruntled Cinematographer, Ben Baptist’s Blog, discusses tricks,  Click on image above to visit blog.

Ben Baptist













Devin Boehm

Click on image above to visit blog.












Flying on a Bike



Jada Cox

Click on the image above to visit the blog.










The Rise Of







Corey Kyles

Skate Soundtracks



Shelby Madison

Girl Seeking



Erik Mattfolk

Mattfolk Programmer



Andrew Wallace

The Anxiety Lifestyle



Georgia Warmbein