YouTube Channels at St. Joseph High School

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YouTube Channels at St. Joseph High School

Anthony Strickler, Staff Writer

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Emma Schaffer – EmmieV123 – Vlogger

“I started watching people on YouTube and then I was like well this is cool, I should try it and then I just started making the videos for fun.”


Mia Altholz – Mia Altholz – Lifestyle Vlogger

“[YouTube] is an outlet for me to to be creative and explore new passions, instead of focusing solely on school.”


Lauren Kunkel – Lauren Kunkel – Musician

“It’s just kind of a way to get myself out there so that if people look me up there is something that they can see that I’m proud of.”


Vera Tikhonovan – Vera Tikhon – Short Film Creator

“It’s just kind of fun, since I do post a lot of my short films on there. It’s almost like mini portfolio.”