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2017-2018 Staff

Kate Glad

Literary Editor

Hey I’m Kate and I don’t even go here. I go to Saint Joe part time, but I’m around enough to make The Wind-Up look dope. As The Wind-Up’s Creative Director the overall look and feel of the publication is my responsibilit...

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Kaila Nichols

News Editor

I am a junior at SJHS and the News Editor of the Wind-Up. This will be my second year on the staff. I am a member of Key Club, Film Club, the Broadcast Club, Track and Field, and the National Honors Society. In my spare time, I al...

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Hunter Ott

Staff Writer

Hunter Ott here, senior at SJHS. I am a staff writer for the Wind-Up and have been on the staff for two years now. I started out in J1 and worked my way up the ladder and am now a prized possession of the Wind-Up as I bring fresh...

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Dylan Marzke

Assistant Online Editor

Now a sophomore at SJHS, this is my second year on staff here at The Wind-Up. I have taken up the role of Assistant Online Editor where I will be working alongside Nick Moen to keep this website updated and entertaining for you, the...

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Derek Hammond

Staff Writer/Head of Security

Head of Security. Executive of phosphoarticle production. Sumerian Prophet. An array of abilities, skills, and coordination congregate into one human who may or may not have bounds. Unchained, I am Derek Hammond of The Wind-Up...

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Susie Paine

Copy Editor

Susie Paine is a senior at St. Joseph High School. She is one of the copy editors this year. She loves writing creatively, and is excited to continue working on The Wind-Up for her second year. She hopes to be a professional ...

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Sayle Owen

Copy Editor

Sayle is a senior, and this is her third year on the Wind-Up staff. She’s aiming to, post high school, dual-major in Writing and Library Science. She loves the written word, and hopes to make a career out of creative writing as a ...

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Madelina Machado

Sports Editor

I'm a tenth grade student at Saint Joseph High School. This is may second year on the Wind-Up staff. Along with being a staff writer I'm also the sports editor. I enjoy writing and hope to contribute to this year’s upcoming Wind-...

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Nadia Judge

Staff Writer

My name is Nadia Judge, I am a junior,  and this will be my second year as a staff member on the Wind-Up.  I enjoy journalism because it provides people with the information that they need to make decisions about their live...

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Liam Hodgson

Staff Writer

I’m a Junior and this is my first year on Wind-Up, I’m also Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook and I think writing could play a role in my future. Besides those, I’m on the varsity volleyball team and on the robotics team....

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Nicholas Moen

Online Editor-in-Chief

I’m a senior at SJHS and the Website Editor-In-Chief of The Wind-Up. This is my second year on the Wind-Up staff.  I have a serious interest in going into the writing field, and journalism is definitely a career that inter...

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Kaley Gresham

Staff Writer

 I'm a senior at St. Joseph High School. I'm one of the staff writers and have been on the staff for a year and a half. I would like to go to college (preferably somewhere warm) to obtain a degree in history and secondary educat...

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Lyndsay White

Staff Writer

My name is Lyndsay White,  I am a senior at St. Joseph High School, and a staff writer for The Wind-Up. During the school year, I like to focus on basketball and tutoring. If I’m not spending my time watching TED Talks, I’m...

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Justin Castner

Staff Writer

I’m a senior at SJHS, and have been a staff writer for the Wind-Up for two years. First year for the Wind-up was my sophomore year and I returned to take it my senior year. I also play varsity soccer here at the high school....

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Max Hunter

Photo Editor

Now a junior at SJHS, this is my second year on staff of The Wind-Up. This year, I am the photo editor, which is a great honor and responsibility. Along with writing for The Wind-Up, I run cross country and am a part of the va...

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Maddie Newland


When I first discovered I was going to be Editor-in-Chief of the Wind-Up, I didn’t have a grand vision about what the magazine should look like, or conspire to force a liberal agenda on SJHS. What I want the Wind-Up to be i...

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Sydney Hill

Staff Writer

I'm Sydney Hill this is my second year as a Wind-Up writer. I'm a junior and I enjoy creative writing. This year, I hope to use different journalistic styles of writing, too. I enjoy playing cello in the St. Joseph Orchestra, an...

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Danielle Williams

Staff Writer

My name is Danielle Williams and I am a senior at St. Joseph High School. This is my first year as a staff writer on The Wind-Up. I’m really interested in photography and love all aspects of art and design. I’m excited to apply my art ...

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Bryan Vi

Staff Writer

My name is Bryan Vi. Even though this is my senior year, this is my first experience in high school journalism. Nevertheless, I have learned a lot about journalism, and the vital roles they play in society. I really enjoy news...

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Anthony Strickler

Managing Editor

My name is Anthony Strickler and I’m the current managing editor of the Wind-Up. I’ve been on staff since my sophomore year. Outside of the pub lab, I am involved in both high school and club soccer. While I have dedicated ...

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